What Moms are Saying...

Socks are to babies what I am to mechanics: Always being ripped off. My 10-month-old will go to any extreme to free his tootsies, which becomes increasingly annoying as the temperature drops.

We tried them in the car where he had the highest probability of taking off his socks — don’t ask me why. One, maybe two minutes after the ignition started, there goes one shoe thrown to the seat. Oops, there’s another. I looked in the rearview mirror and saw he was holding his foot straight in the air and tugging at his little green striped sock. Nothing. A couple of minutes later: Nothing. Eventually he gave up and I claimed sweet, sweet victory.

Michell H.


 I just wanted to say thank you for these socks. I spent a hour in target one day picking up my 7 month olds socks every 5 seconds cuz they wouldn't stay on.  We found these sock a few days later and just had to try them, I haven't had to pick up a sock since, lol, thank you!!! It would be good if maybe they came in other colors, black, red, brown, ya know so they match the baby outfits. again thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ciji J., Bakersfield, CA


I love these socks for my three month old son. A friend mentioned them to us and we went right out and bought 5 pair.  Thank you for making such a wonderful product!

Kristin Y. 


I received my socks a couple of days ago and immediately put a pair on my 7-month old son (the same boy who can take a sock off and start eating it during a 2-minute car ride - he's a master sock remover).

So far, he hasn't been able to get them off yet...woohoo!! believe me, he has tried *very* hard to get them off - pulling, rubbing them against things, whatever he can think of to remove them. And they are still on his feet!

Thanks for a great product that will hekp me keep his "piggies" a little warmer this winter!

Suzette W., Stafford, VA


These socks are the best ever! My newborn, Emma has little feet and ankles.  No matter what socks I tried they would slip off. Stay With Me Baby Socks actually stay on Emma's feet.  My day just got easier now that I don't have to put her socks on AGAIN!

Courtney F. Denver, CO


Stay With Me Socks are ingenious. Our six month old baby boy Brody just loves to pull off his socks. They either end up in his mouth or one would magically disappear.  After a friend gave me a pair of Stay With Me Socks there’s no going back to “the others”.  Brody’s socks now stay on his feet and that makes mom very happy.

Tracy C. Orlando, FL



Thank you Stay With Me Socks. You just made my laundering a whole lot easier.  Not only do these cute little socks stay on my twins feet, I don’t loose them in the wash.  By looping your socks together they literally stay together in the washer and dryer.  There are no more lost socks for the babies. As for the adults, that’s another story.

Ann Marie C. Chicago, IL


These socks are WONDERFUL! The other moms and I in my “Mommy & Me”  play group rave about Stay With Me Socks. We no longer try to solve the sock dilemma since your socks came along. Thanks.

Ashley D. Los Angeles, CA

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